Mom, Can you speak Cursive?
The Wit & Wisdom of One Child from 2 to 7 years old
(Secretly Collected by her Mom)

Do you know where your “leg pits” are? They’re right under your knees, of course.

This is one mom’s “Diary of a Witty Kid” — for adults to enjoy. You'll laugh with Kayla’s mom, as she takes you through her delightful, comical six-year compilation. In these insightful and unexpected silly moments, we can see through the inventive mind of a child, sharing a sense of humanity as we smile and poke fun at ourselves and those around us. Parents will be inspired to collect words of wisdom from their own children, and Expecting parents can look forward to their coming attraction, when they turn to any page in this illustrated collection of childhood gems.

Mom, Can you speak Cursive? has seven chapters and an Introduction which highlights the joy of listening to children, appreciating their innocent humor, and revealing the fun challenge of the documentation process. “One Girl & Her Parents” is the first chapter, telling the story how Kayla comes from a multi-cultural blend, and is special and unique — just like every child! The six chapters that follow are “Two” through “Seven Years Old,” where the quotes are divided into nineteen fun sections, such as Declarations of Independence, Terms of Endearment, Miss Communication, Tech-Know, and Bath & Body Works.

At 4 years old, Kayla was eating dinner and exclaimed, “Mommy and Daddy, Steak is always in season!” From the mouth of babes — they are blessed with the unique gift of speaking the simple truth. Children live in a special world of their own creative imagination, and this book is a tribute to those wonderful, innocent years.